Three Reasons Why Your Brand Needs Bundle Wraps

Our custom adhesive bundle wraps have quickly become one our best sellers, and is arguably the single most important piece of branding a hair extensions brand needs to effectively brand their products. You might be asking yourself, "why are custom bundle wraps so important?" Well, here is three reasons why bundle wraps are a necessity in your brand arsenal. 

They Provide Brand Ownership of Your Products

When you add branding to your products, they then become your products and a part of your brand. They become attached to the identity, ideals and charatistics of your brand and add weight to the respectability of what you are offering. Think of a regular polo tee versus a RL Polo shirt. The difference often isn't in the quality, it is simply in the ownership of that product. People flock to buy polo shirts because the logo branding means something and adds a sense of luxury to an otherwise plain shirt. The same goes for your products- adding logo branding in the form of bundle wraps will distinguish your products from the rest. 

They Increase Brand Recognition and Retention

The goal in branding and business is to create a memorable experience, and I don't just mean a happy ordering process or customer service encounter. Your goal should be to make such an impact on your customers that they not only remember your brand but their share it with their friends. Bundle wraps help make the memory more tangible by putting your logo branding front and center on your products. Don't leave it to memory- help your customers remember where they got their awesome products from.


They Add a Touch of Professionalism 

Let's face it, when customers purchase from small businesses, they don't necessarily want the small business experience. When was the last time you went to the store and purchased something that didn't have a tag or a label? The same level of professionalism and care you'd expect from the big stores you patron should be the same level of care you treat your products and customers. Adding custom packaging makes a difference and adds to the overall perception of your products and brand. Luxury products deserve luxury packaging. 



In the video above, we demonstrate how easy it is to brand your hair extensions with our custom adhesive bundle wraps. Simply peel, wrap and stick for the perfect branding experience for your business and your customers!

We want to hear from you! Do you currently use bundle wraps or other packaging? How has that affected the overall perception of your brand? Drop a comment below! 

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